Why is tea dehyrdating

I chalked it up to learning experience went back to square one.I read the instructions again and decided that my mistake may have been in how tight to screw on the lids.

You can’t tell if your jars seal by listening for the pinging sound that the metal lids make as they cool.The instructions say to tighten the lids, then turn back ¼ inch.I followed the instructions to a T and began again.Some of the things I like about the Tattler lids are that they are free of BPA, are indefinitely reusable, dishwasher safe, can be used for hot water bath or pressure canning, and made in the good ol’ USA (bonus! I’ve canned jams, fruits, carrots, beans, chicken, broth, beef stew, potatoes, salsa, tomatoes, and water (yes, water) with these lids.The best advice I can give you about these Tattler lids is…. I had about a 50% failure rate, which is totally unacceptable in my book.

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