Which two real world brooklyn cast members are dating

NORMAN KORPI Age: 41 Season 1 New York City The first openly gay roommate, he’s currently an artist splitting time between California and Michigan.IRENE BARRERAKEARNS Age: 41 Season 2 Los Angeles Having left the show to get married, she’s still wed, still a deputy with the L. They have five children, the youngest of which was just born on May 18.Although, Cory has given Lauren reason not to trust him with his cheating and lies, Lauren still believes there is hope for a future together and that they can make their relationship work.Quitting her job at a hair salon in Brooklyn, Lauren couldn't be more eager to join the Real World to reunite with Cory.Intense flirting, dancing and clubbing, has held her back from committing to her ex but she doesn't mind hooking up with Ashley from time to time as long as it's on her terms.Sharing is not completely the issue, as Ashley does not mind adding a third party to their sexual soiree.Each of them has some serious bad blood with one another- they are their exes, rivals, frenemies, or estranged family members.

Oakland, CA A rough childhood, and a short stint in foster care, did not keep Arielle from completing her degree at UC Berkeley in Oakland, California.Bronx, NY Jay is the classic womanizing heartthrob, or so he thinks, who doesn't shy away from conflict.He works as an emcee and a club promoter where he spends most of his time omitting the truth to pick up girls and ultimately getting them to do whatever he desires.He has recently moved to Los Angeles from his home in Michigan where he now loves working as a personal trainer at a national gym.Back home, Cory has an ex-girlfriend Lauren whom he has dated on and off since the seventh grade.

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