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It is a domestic counter-terrorist unit that operates under the FBI’s Critical Incident Response Group.Its notable missions include security during the Olympic Games, and rescuing guards from rioting prisons in 19. Notice of Availability for Donation of the Test Craft Ex-SEA SHADOW (IX– 529) and Hughes Mining Barge (HMB– 1).

But you don’t really think of an agency whose sole purpose is to get up real close and use the best technology there is to listen and transmit. This is an article on the ceremony to honor the K-129 crew. “Colby Tells Publishers That CIA Is Jeopardized by Sensational Headlines.” October 31, 1972. Colby as Director of Central Intelligence, 1973–1976” (Washington, DC: CIA Center for the Study of Intelligence, 1993; declassified 2011). “Police Asked to Watch Hughes’ Ship.” TK, September 10, 1974. The idea of an elite unit was an anathema to the FBI’s core identity, that of Special Agents equally capable in any situation.The proposal interested FBI director William Webster, however, and he and John Simeone, his associate, were soon at Ft. As Danny Coulson, founder of the Hostage Rescue Team, wrote in a memoir, Webster and Simeone were taking measure of Delta’s gear when the director noticed something was missing. He is co-author of The Command: Deep Inside the President’s Secret Army (Wiley, 2012) and Deep State: Inside the Government Secrecy Industry (Wiley, 2013).

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“Hughes Ship Pays Return Visit to Maui.” TK, September 5, 1974.———. 2630-MS, presented at Offshore Technology Conference,1976.“Mining Sailors Heading for Ocean Depths.” Western Gear Corporation, no.

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