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81,575 bundles were sold, raising US8,248.99, of which all proceeds were given to four charities and non-profit organizations, including charity: water, Child's Play, Electronic Frontier Foundation, and American Red Cross.Both the genre and theme were picked by a survey on Mojang's website (combination of the highest and lowest voted of each).In March 2012, Mojang and Bethesda reached a settlement, in which Mojang would not trademark Scrolls, but Bethesda would not contest Mojang's naming of Scrolls, so long as it would not be a direct competitor against The Elder Scrolls.In response to an overwhelming amount of hate mail, Uniloc inventor Ric Richardson denied his own personal involvement, claiming to have only filed the patent and that the lawsuit against Mojang was not by his doing, although endorsed the security of the patent.We took a few minutes to look into it, found and fixed the problem and then decided to make a interim release with a handful of fixes, including: This update, version (build 35) is an Android-only update and works best with the current PC version.Still working hard on a major update, we took a short break from that to respond to customer requests for external mouse and keyboard support.So, today we released an update with that, as well as a hand full of bug fixes.The most major bug fix was that on some systems in which WMI was either not fully installed or corrupted, the application would fail to run after installation.

The bugs included: Several customers noticed that the new Phone My PC used more CPU resources than the previous version did; this was a side effect of an optimization we added to maximize frame-rates while watching video or playing games.Work continues on a major update, but in the mean time we had a few minor things we’d put off releasing.However, when a long-time user spoke to us about how he was using Bluestacks as a way to get temporary PC to PC access, we experimented with it and found that it worked very well, but the program was unable to get direct-connections to the controlled PC.In March 2012, Persson revealed that he would be designing a space sandbox game.Although Mojang teased with an April Fools' Day website based around Mars Effect (citing the Bethesda lawsuit), it was confirmed that the game was indeed in development, albeit with a different name.

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