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For those of us who grew up listening and dancing our way through songs on vinyl records, 8-track cassettes, miniature cassettes, and countless CDs, the release of the i Pod on October 23rd 2001 was in fact a revolution in how we accessed and listen to music in the 21st century.

On the Classic you can easily dial between your entire Music library, or by song, album, artist, and genre categories.But then a few years later, the i Pod changed everything. And now though I can’t go anywhere without my i Phone 4, the i Pod Classic still remains my favorite and most used MP3 player.In my humble opinion, Apple should maintain and continually update the Classic until it can replace it with something even better.Sure Apple now offers a way to back up your library to the cloud, but the i Tunes Match service costs you per year to keep and access your library there.And ultimately Apple wants you to keep buying songs from its i Tunes Music Store.

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