Law enforcement and national security agencies are investigating the hacking of a White House computer last month that penetrated a network inside the White House Military Office that handles top-secret data, U. Rebels in Syria have disclosed new details on the Damascus regimes chemical weapons storage sites, as a military defector last week outlined plans by Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad to use the deadly arms.

11 Benghazi terrorist attack to omit references to al Qaeda as being linked to the attack, according to a U. Senior Republican members of Congress confirmed Sunday that the Obama administration changed CIA guidance to senior officials that had identified the Sept. Former CIA Director David Petraeus testified at a closed hearing on Friday that the CIAs original talking points on the Sept.Chinas government carried out numerous cyber attacks against United States government and private sector computers this year and has emerged as the most significant threat in cyberspace, according to a congressional commission report made public Wednesday. China has nearly 750 theater and tactical nuclear warheads in addition to more than 200 strategic missile warheads, a stockpile far larger than U. estimates, according to a retired Russian general who once led Moscow's strategic forces. Iranian hackers took over a University of Michigan computer network during a massive cyber attack on U. financial systems last week that continued following comments on the strike by Defense Secretary Leon Panetta.Senior intelligence officials and the FBIs deputy director will face tough questioning Thursday from House and Senate intelligence committee members upset over the Obama administrations mishandling of the Sept. Chinas government-controlled enterprises are targeting the U. A Russian nuclear-powered attack submarine cruised within 200 miles of the East Coast recently in the latest sign Russia is continuing to flex its naval and aerial power against the United States, defense officials said. diplomatic compound in Benghazi, according to the director of operations for the Pentagons Joint Staff. military strength under his presidency during Mondays final debate with President Barack Obama, as the president attacked his challenger in defending an administration under fire over the terror attack on the U. consulate in Libya, coming massive defense cuts, and the debate over whether to continue sanctions or use military force to stop the looming threat of a nuclear-armed Iran. Chinas military is set to conduct a test of a new and more capable anti-satellite missile that United States intelligence agencies say can knock out strategic satellites in high-earth orbit, according to U. A total of 45 Tibetans set themselves on fire this year to protest Chinese repression in Chinese-occupied Tibet as egregious human rights abuses in China continued, according to an annual congressional report.11 terror attack on Benghazi were edited to play down al Qaeda links to the attackers. ambassador to Libya and three additional Americans were killed.House Republicans criticized the Obama administration on Thursday for mishandling security at the U. diplomatic compound in Benghazi before and during the deadly Sept. President Barack Obama said Wednesday he has not seen assessments that indicate classified information disclosed in the sex scandal involving CIA director David Petraeus compromised United States security. companies, free markets, and fair trade, according to a forthcoming report by a congressional Chinese commission.

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