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If anything, the house is worth even less than we paid for it today as prices are still tumbling.‘We have since found there are a huge number of people in this position — retirees on low, fixed incomes who suddenly find themselves having to pay this new tax out of dwindling savings despite having done nothing wrong.’Peter Esders, director and Spanish property law expert at legal services firm Judicare, says: ‘You can find some great bargains in Spain.

Please email Inter NACHI if you have any questions.Buyers with an eye for a bargain have been haggling prices even lower as they know many sellers are desperate to sell.But expats who snap up their dream home at these rock-bottom prices risk falling foul of the tax trap.They haggled the price down from €85,000 to €83,000 — around £65,300.They put down £18,100 and took out a mortgage worth £47,200.

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