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Their jobs are on the line, however, when the camp gets a new uptight owner.The brother-in-law tries to redeem them by sponsoring a beauty contest for the unusually large amount of nubile lovelies that patronize the camp, but his efforts are jeopardized by Timmy's customary habit of falling into various madcap sexual situations, which always seems to result in him running naked around the camp (to the point where he is dubbed "the Camp Streaker").See full summary » Young Timmy starts as a window cleaner in the little company of his brother.

"Timmy Lea" (Robin Askwith) and his philandering brother-in-law (Anthony Booth) from "Confessions of a Window Cleaner" (and two other "Confessions" movies I haven't seen) are working together once again, this time running a holiday camp called "Camp Funfrall".

We already know that this year’s “Friday the 13th: The Game” is going to allow you to play as multiple versions of Jason Voorhees, including a brand new one designed by Tom Savini, but what about the camp counselors that will play the role of unlucky victims?

1: Summer Camp”, was funded through Kickstarter back in 2015.

Unfortunately, the comedy isn't nearly as funny as in the earlier entry, mostly because Timmy's hilarious parents don't have nearly as large of role.

The lovely Linda Hayden (who played his fiancée in the first movie) returns as a different character, a French co-worker.

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This initial release will be followed by the full Summer 2017 release of the single-player component, including AI Bots.

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