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She must now juggle her life as a high school student, a fashion designer and as the breadwinner living with her unemployed older brother.

Jane is thrilled when her middle school crush, Nick, asks her to the Winter Formal, until she realizes the event is the same evening as an important company preview party that Gray told her to plan.

Jane has the perfect dress, but India takes credit for it, even though the design has special meaning for Jane.

Jane arranges for Nick and Billy to get to know each other.

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Jane Quimby, a high-school student applying for an internship, is mistaken for a qualified adult applicant and is hired by Gray Chandler Murray, a high maintenance fashion designer.

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Separated under mysterious circumstances, Sutton was adopted...

Gray gives Jane a list of things to do for a few days that includes breaking up with Brad (Hartley Sawyer), her twenty-something model boyfriend. Ben begins working as the athletic assistant at Jane's school.

Jane and Lulu learn that they are tied to become class valedictorian.

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