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Over in Australia, Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure was refused classification (i.e.the censors wouldn't give it a rating, which is a ban in every way but spelling) based on the idea that it glorified graffiti.Still, Australian censors thought that this game would act as a gateway to the righteous world of tagging, so it was never rated.Command & Conquer: Generals did not do well in China, for the same reason that kneecapping Lady Liberty would likely flop in the US.Ultimately the ban was lifted when the chem system was scaled back and 'morphine' was changed to Med-X.

Not unexpected, since the relationship between the US and Iran is famously sticky anyway.Not only does the game's China campaign open on the nuclear obliteration of Beijing (good start!), but the player is directly involved in the destruction of Chinese landmarks like the Hong Kong Convention Center and the Three Gorges Dam. Not only did the government of China promptly bring down the ban hammer (which they've done to games for less), but even Chinese gamers who went to the trouble of pirating the title weren't pleased with it. However it turns out that developer Red Barrels actually sent the wrong footage in for classification. There are skinned people on sticks, piles of dead babies and, every so often, a giant 9ft woman plunges a pick axe into your crotch and you watch the blood spew out from a first person perspective. This, apparently along with inclusion of 'implied sexual violence' tipped the Australian Ratings Board over the edge, prompting it to refuse even handing out the highest R18 level of ratings.

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Now the people of Singapore can enjoy softcore lady-on-lady action to their heart's content. If Iran and Pakistan's examples are any indication, our gaming brethren in the Middle East sure know their way around a game ban.

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