Oledbcommand not updating

The Data Adapter will use our connection (a well???) and pump info into our Data Set which will be our bucket.While there are many ways to do these things, I simply create 3 different ways that you can play with below.

This example will use the Data Set to “bind” to the listbox and empty its contents into the listbox control. The only trick here is that we bind the database to the listbox and tell the listbox to use the name column as both the names we display to the user as well as the value each item has.The first example will be to use a Data Adapter class and its fill method to load it into a Data Set.Think of this method like using a hose to fill up a bucket.No rows are returned by the stored procedure, so the Execute Non Query method is used, but the stored procedure does receive an input parameter and returns an output parameter and a return value. For the Ole Db Command object, the Return Value parameter must be added to the Parameters collection first.

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