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Discerning in the Israelites a multitude who might very well join with his Asiatic enemies in war, this new king moreover acted quickly to enslave the Israelites.

The above-mentioned theory also fits well with the historical profile attested in the book of Genesis.

But it is impossible to identify the individual before whom Joseph appeared, because the dating and succession of Hyksos kings remains indemonstrable today.There can be no doubt that an Israelite Exodus from Egypt occurred.However, a number of significant historical and geographical questions remain concerning events prior to and during the Exodus.The patriarchs moved in and through Palestine for some 215 years (cf. 12:4; 21:5; ; 47:9), seemingly with the greatest of ease, mobility and freedom.Yet, it is inconceivable that their movements should have gone unnoticed (e.g., Gen. That bespeaks a political climate in Palestine that would have been free from any sort of national or international domination, which is truly characteristic of that period between 18 B. The theory might also humanly explain how Joseph, a non-Egyptian, was able to rise to a position of Grand Vizier in a foreign land -- the court itself would not have been Egyptian, but Hyksos.

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