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–): Irish historian, crime novelist, journalist and broadcaster.[41] Carol Ann Duffy (1955–): Award-winning British poet, playwright and freelance writer.[42] Turan Dursun (1934–1990): Islamic scholar, imam and mufti, and latterly, an outspoken atheist.[43] Terry Eagleton (1943–): British literary critic, currently Professor of English Literature at the University of Manchester.[44] Greg Egan (1961–): Australian computer programmer and science fiction author.[45][46] Dave Eggers (1970–): American writer, editor, and publisher.[47] Barbara Ehrenreich (1941–): American feminist, socialist and political activist.

She is a widely read columnist and essayist, and the author of nearly 20 books.[48] George Eliot (1819–1890): Mary Ann Evans, the famous novelist, was also a humanist and propounded her views on theism in an essay called Evangelical Teaching'.[49] Harlan Ellison (1934–): American science fiction author and screenwriter.[50] Gavin Ewart (1916–1995): British poet.[51] Michel Faber (1960–): Dutch author who writes in English, most famous for the Victorian-set postmodernist novel The Crimson Petal and the White.[52] Oriana Fallaci (1929–2006): Italian journalist, author, and political interviewer.[53] Vardis Fisher (1895–1968): American writer and scholar, author of atheistic Testament of Man series.[54] Tom Flynn (19??

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Lily Braun (1865–1916): German feminist writer.[13] Howard Brenton (1942–): English playwright, who gained notoriety for his 1980 play The Romans in Britain.[14] John Brockman (1941–): American literary agent and author, specializing in scientific literature, and founder of the Edge Foundation.[15] Brigid Brophy, Lady Levey (1929–1995): English novelist, essayist, critic, biographer, and dramatist.[16] Alan Brownjohn (1931–1995): English poet and novelist.[17] Lawrence Bush (19??

(1974–): ("The Infidel Guy"): Internet radio host and Podcaster in Atlanta, Georgia, co-founder of the Atheist Network and founder of Freethought [14] David D.

Smith was arrested twice in 1928 for selling atheist literature and for blasphemy.

Since he refused to swear an oath to God on the Bible, he was not allowed to testify in his own defense.[44] Barbara Smoker (1923–): British humanist activist and freethought advocate.

Friedman (1945–): Anarcho-capitalist writer.[15] Annie Laurie Gaylor (1955–): co-founder of the Freedom From Religion Foundation and, with her husband Dan Barker, is the current co-president.[16] Emma Goldman (1869–1940): Lithuanian-born radical, known for her writings and speeches defending anarchist communism, feminism, and atheism.[17] Gora (1902–1975): Indian atheist leader, co-founder with his wife of the Atheist Centre in Andhra Pradesh.[18] Saraswathi Gora (1912–2006): Indian social activist, wife of Gora and leader of the Atheist Centre for many years, campaigning against untouchability and the caste system.[18] John William Gott (1866–1922): English trouser salesman and leader of the Freethought Socialist League, the last person in Britain to be sent to prison for blasphemy.[19] Che Guevara (1928–1967): Argentine Marxist revolutionary, politician and author.[20] E.

Haldeman-Julius (1889–1951): American author, editor and publisher of the Little Blue Books series[21] Erkki Hartikainen (1942–): is a Finnish atheist activist.

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Clarke (1917–2008): British scientist and science-fiction author.[23] Edward Clodd (1840–1930): English banker, writer and anthropologist, an early populariser of evolution, keen folklorist and chairman of the Rationalist Press Association.[24] Claud Cockburn (1904–1981): Renowned radical British writer and journalist, controversial for his communist sympathies.[25] Jonathan Coe (1961–): British novelist and satirical writer.[26] G. [27] Theodore Dalrymple (1949–): pen name of British writer and retired physician Anthony Daniels.[33] Rhys Davies (1901–1978): Welsh novelist and short story writer.[34] Frank Dalby Davison (1893–1970): Australian novelist and short story writer, best known for his animal stories and sensitive interpretations of Australian bush life.[35] Richard Dawkins (1941–): British ethologist, evolutionary biologist and popular science author.

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