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Because Hyde told Jackie that Pam Macy would do it with anybody ("Ski Trip") 28. Jackie bought Hyde a new pair of (scuffed) boots ("Kelso's Serenade") 11. Hyde tells Jackie she'll find somebody better than Kelso. Hyde tells Jackie if he didn't know her -- and had never talked to her -- he'd find her "totally hot". Hyde was impressed that Jackie kicked Laurie's ass. Jackie actually shined Hyde's boots ("Cat Fight Club") 17. Hyde is upset that Jackie bought pot, as if he's afraid for/protective of her ("Moon Over Point Place") 23. When Jackie clung to Hyde's arm and had an iron grip on his hand -- and fight as Hyde might to free himself, he couldn't ("Moon Over Point Place") 27. Hyde was clearly affected by what Jackie said about him being in Jail. When Hyde tries to get cheating Kelso caught by convincing Jackie to "surprise" Kelso (and Laurie) ("Vanstock") 35. Jackie announces to the gang that Hyde went to jail for loving her ("Moon Over Point Place"). Jackie tells Hyde that he doesn't know her as well as he thinks he does. Hyde calls Jackie a square ("Moon Over Point Place"). Hyde questions Jackie "What, so you wanna be a burnout now? Jackie goes straight into Hyde's arms after breaking up with Kelso ("Kiss of Death"). Hyde seemed to like when Jackie kissed him on the side of the mouth. Hyde told Jackie if the boots she bought him were a bribe to spend more time together, she could take them back ("Kelso's Serenade") 48. Hyde and Jackie kiss in the driveway in the background. Jackie pinches Hyde's nose when he wants another kiss in the driveway ("Misty Mountain Hop") 33. He's not sure how to answer, and he convinces himself what he felt was a fluke and says, No." But then he reconsiders.

Because Hyde was clearly impressed with Jackie fixing Red's car ("Career Day") 4. Hyde told Kelso to beat up Todd the cheese guy, but seemed to love it when Todd hit Kelso instead. Hyde doesn't seem to think much of Jackie's claim that she and Kelso are getting married ("Love, Wisconsin Style") 22.The chemistry's undeniable and it's always nice to see the softer side of a self-proclaimed 'badass'. Jackie keeps trying to hug Hyde in the basement, and he kind of resists -- but doesn't look like he is trying that hard. Hyde comes up with a spontaneous haiku to express his feelings for Jackie ("Jackie Bags Hyde") 19. Jackie tries to stop Donna from telling the Formans what happened because she wanted to rescue Hyde. Jackie tells Hyde she's his safety line on the Cliff of Love. Hyde catches Jackie when Donna shoves the Formans' kitchen door open (Hyde, Jackie, Kelso, and Fez were eavesdropping on her breakup with Casey Kelso) ("Love Wisconsin Style") 8. Hyde draws a unibrow on a sleeping Jackie ("Tornado Prom") 12.They may seem 'creepy and unnatural' to their friends, but to us they seem just ideal for one another." "While Donna (Prepon) and Eric have had their growing pains as a couple, the far more engaging romance - and the most intriguing direction the show has taken - is that involving Jackie and Hyde (Danny Masterson), seeming polar opposites who are destined to bring out the best in each other. ________________________________ ________________________________ Moments Of Zen (Animations by Nikki & Erin) ________________________________ Pic Of The Moment ________________________________ Zenmasters 1) Christina (jackiehydelover) 2) Michelle (luvcali76) 3) Mel (Dream Walker) 4) Jenna (simplybatty) 5) True Love Believer346 6) Chrissy 7) Debbie325 8) tanith75 9) relena 10) Heather (heatherlea94) 11) Stephen (irishghost) 12) Kithryn 13) Jessica (Spunkii Monkii7078) 14) rummagingforanswers 15) jennickels 16) Princess Jackie120 17) lalatina15 18) varjak-golightly 19) beatle chic98 20) sooki28 21) fastforward 22) JF1994 23) glitter doll 24) gah-linda 25) The Music Lives 26) Luv Jackie&Hyde 27) Sweet As Candy 28) Songofjoy 29) Smidgen 30) short9 31) Tasha (welshgirly UK) 32) Rain Sierra 33) Rhiannon 34) Iviil Brown 35) gilmore-girl123 36) Rory (Mila Kunis Lover) 37) Summer_Breeze_ 38) Che Esec AKe&BRUCAS 39) silver reflection 40) SR2 41) Stone Cold Candy 42) jhlover 43) Soeshie20 44) Rachel (lost_in_a_dream) 45) Saar5 46) megs212 47) Ash (xxcozmicstar) 48) Aussie bubbles 49) youarethestorm 50) Ashley (Love IS) 51) slicknickshady 52) Courtney (Majora's Mask) 53) ::mavie:: 54) Katie (foreverwood42) 55) ktipton 56) Sergeant Pepper 57) zfehrian 58) xlennie 59) gelin 60) sometimestheycallmejackie 61) Heather (Heather159) 62) gizzie_fan 63) alljess 64) jenny01923 (Jenny) 65) tiny dancer 66) fredeliy 67) lostpinguin 68) Cloudburst2000 69) Stillrockinin Wisconsin 70) Samweed Knightly 71) tootyfnfrooty 72) xoheartinohioxo 73) Woeisme 74) sera_rocks 75) Yer Blues 76) JHforever 77) oceancitygirl 78) Steph (SMT1204) 79) Leyton_4ever 80) Ali Marie 81) Elizabeth_88 82) cranny_fan 83) Rachel (pebbles826) 84) xxxninaxxx 85) ML4ever 86) SLK89 87) MPGirl 88) Leah_LL_Fan 89) lunas_borednow 90) nuirgendwer 91) Kallista 92) Twinkles Rox 93) Ciiisu 94) karate0kat 95) Arquellania 96) natural_disaster 97) *Jory Lynn* 98) Megan Mila 99) x Mrs Jackie Hyde 100) loverr41 101) kraventry 102) walkin' with a ghost 103) cheldax46 104) K. Jackie said no words had ever hurt her more from Hyde's Haiku. Hyde tells Kelso he could've been a man and forgiven Jackie for wrecking his van -- "but, no. Hyde helps Jackie total up how much she and Kelso owe each other, to prove that Kelso owes Jackie way more. Kelso didn't want Hyde going to his uncle's ice shack with the group because of how Hyde's presence might interfere with his plants of getting Jackie back ("Ice Shack") 23. Jackie said the baby had her eyes and Hyde piped in with "and my hair". Jackie stood beside Hyde and agreed when he said he wanted to "wrap the Dave" ("An Eric Forman Christmas") 10. Hyde laughed at the fact that Jackie made Kelso the scarecrow. Jackie plants her hands on Hyde's stomach and kisses his cheek on his birthday, and he puts his hand on the small of her of her back in a partial hug ("Hyde's Birthday"). Hyde kept his hand on the small of her back even after the hug. Jackie brings Big Rhonda to the get-Hyde-a-girlfriend party ("Hyde Gets the Girl") 16.Because Jackie kissed Hyde on the cheek and it was really sweet. Because Hyde tried to make Jackie feel better by saying that Pam Macy's ass looked fat in that dress. Because Hyde got Jackie a corsage ("Prom Night") 13. Hyde came up with a million reasons why he couldn't like Jackie, all of which were just excuses. Jackie brought Chip to the Formans' barbecue to make Hyde jealous -- and it worked. Jackie pictures Hyde as her Knight in Shinning Armor. Jackie grasps Hyde's hand in The Hub, and he tries to free himself, but she keeps grabbing on. Hyde impishly implies what Kelso's "job" is (sperm donor) to Jackie after Kelso's bought her a pair of earrings ("Kelso's Career") 1. Jackie tells Hyde she loves him ("Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You") 4. " (618) -- Hyde's first reaction to seeing Jackie in a wedding dress is to say she's beautiful. "Whole Lotta Love" (516) -- Hyde keeps his hand on Jackie's knees while Fez told his story. "The Crunge" (510) -- Hyde offers to buy Jackie a hamburger wrapped in tinfoil. "Black Dog" (509) -- Hyde is upset that he can't cheer up Jackie and seeks advice. "Angie" (708) -- Hyde tells Jackie, "Yes," when she gives him a Valentine's Day card that says, "Be Mine? "Magic Bus" (603) -- Hyde admits he missed Jackie calling hiim pudding pop. "Angie" (708) -- Hyde tells Jackie in gratitude, "If there was ever a game show called *Make That Girl Cry,* I’d go on with you." 27.Because Jackie told Hyde, she knew he would clean up good. Because after Jackie said "Eww" when finding out Hyde's mom was Gross Edna, she felt bad and immediately said, "Cool" ("Career Day") 15. Hyde and Jackie start making out, seemingly out of no relationship ("Going to California") 2. Hyde stares at Jackie in a mixture of a love daze/cute smirk. Hyde says to Kelso about Jackie that he's never "felt like this about a girl before" and he "wants to be with her," meaning he'll fight for her ("Immigrant Song") 6. Jackie is welcoming to Angie upon meeting her for the first time -- because she's happy to be meeting Hyde's family ("Angie"). Jackie and Hyde share a cute kiss after Jackie gets revenge on Angie. Jackie stands against Hyde lap while he sits at the Formans' kitchen bar, and he keeps his arm around her back and essentially holds her hand ("Angie") 46. "What Is and What Should Never Be" (503) -- Hyde continues to see Jackie even with the problems it's causing between him and his friends. "On With the Show" (716) -- Hyde congratulates Jackie on her television show. "Misty Mountain Hop" (512) -- Hyde helps Jackie move the stuff out of the cabin even though they are fighting. "Immigrant Song" (524) -- Hyde happily tells Jackie his realization that he still has a shot with her. "Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You" (514) -- Hyde dances with Jackie and holds his hand to her heart after they got back together. "Christmas" (607) -- Hyde wears the outfit Jackie (eventually) chooses for him. "Immigrant Song" (524) -- Hyde tries to talk to Jackie when she comes in the basement, even though she doesn't want anything to do with him at the moment. "Street Fighting Man" (714) -- Hyde offers Jackie a ride home. "Oh Baby (We Got A Good Thing Goin')" (718) -- Hyde buys Jackie funnel cake at the car show. "Oh, Baby (We Got A Good Thing Goin')" (718) -- Hyde makes sure the funnel cake has extra sugar, just the way Jackie likes it -- without her having to ask (cut scene). "Going Mobile" (624) -- Hyde measures Jackie's wrist and is being affectionate in the background. "Black Dog" (509) -- Hyde tries to make Jackie feel better by giving her advice on seeing her dad, even though it backfired. "I'm a Boy" (608) -- Hyde tells Jackie their relationship has been in "tip-top" shape since the minute he met her, implying that he's happy being with her. "Ramble On" (505) --Hyde accidentally calls Jackie his girlfriend. "I'm a Boy" (608) -- Hyde presses his cheek against Jackie's temple in the circle with the biggest grin on his face. "Ramble On" (505) -- Hyde says Jackie is coming along nicely. "Whole Lotta Love" (516) -- Hyde is unhappy he didn't know it was Jackie's birthday and says to her, "You should’ve told me, I would’ve got you something." 33. "Magic Bus" (603) -- Jackie admits she can't keep her hands off her pudding pop. "The Girl I Love" (511) -- Jackie changes her ways and asks Hyde to do things for her instead of demanding. "Christmas" (607) -- Jackie buys a new outfit for Hyde for the Christmas dance. "Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You" (514) -- Jackie tells Hyde he's the only one she wants to fight for. "Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You" (514) -- Jackie actually does fight for Hyde. "Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You" (514) -- Jackie doesn't back down when Hyde shouts he won't say "I love you" back. "Nobody's Fault But Mine" (523) -- Jackie runs around looking for Steven everywhere wanting to explain what happened. "Whole Lotta Love" (516) -- Jackie respects and absorbs Hyde's philosophy so much that she hides her birthday from him because she's "trying no to care so much about gifts and material things". "Whole Lotta Love" (516) -- Jackie says she loves the present Steven got her for her birthday. Various Episodes -- Jackie makes clear to Hyde that she wants her future to be with him.

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