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When sending streaming video links, make sure it is from a highly reputable site that will not force users to click on any dangerous or unnecessary links.It is also recommended that you show a video with just the GTS sighting, but if that is not available, alternatives such as full episodes or screencaps will suffice after review.A song from a stage musical or film musical written for the show but unused or dropped from the production. The melody to the song can sometimes be found in background music, especially dance music. In some cases, official translated versions will adopt bizarre transliterations for the sake of Writing Around Trademarks and/or establishing new ones—because, when a Cash Cow Franchise gets imported, it's more useful to have character names that can be trademarked for the sake of selling licensed merchandise. The convention in English is not to transliterate, but instead to Latinize, Greek nouns and names.Hence nigh unpronounceable Latinizations like "Cynoscephalae" instead of "Kynoskefali" for Greek Κυνὸςκεφαλαη, "dog's head".Pete never remembers how to spell his secondary characters, etc. e.g., Weaselo became Weaslo, the ship Barranca became the Baranca, Lara Kroft-Macaroni-and-Cheese became Lara Croft-Macaroni-and-Cheese, Hoggelrynth became Hoggelryth became Hogglerynth, Homnigrits became Homnygrits, Homogenize became Homogenized, Gandledorf became Gandeldorf, Feder became Fedder, Gennaro became Genarro...

Situations include anything from drama between vowel additions to unique-cipher dropping, due to phoneme sets and writing systems.

Spanish has several familiar looking letter combinations intended to be pronounced in specific ways.

Complicating the issue is that some names simply become popular enough in other languages that they're modified to fit them better, and you can't be sure if it's actually intended to be meaningful.

Often these become "trunk" songs that composers later salvage for reuse in later productions.

Like the Image Song in anime, this can add depth to a character for those who know the song and its relation to the show.

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