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We strive to make your dreams of having a family a reality through our continuous innovation and research into the most effective new procedures and technologies available in infertility treatment.The program Dating 201, which appears on Rogers TV and is hosted by Gloria Macdonald, recently visited Repro Med to speak with our Medical Director Dr. This episode discusses how age becomes a factor in human reproduction and what options are available for both male and female patients to consider.With her skilled questioning, she will get a sense of what you like and want in a partner, what is important to you and what your life goals are.At Repro Med, you can have confidence in your care. FRCS (C), our Medical Director, we have been at the forefront of reproductive sciences and we are proud of our high pregnancy success rates and International renowned research achievements.The physicians and professional staff at Repro Med have been committed to providing cutting edge reproductive technology and surgical techniques since 1990 and have helped thousands of couples fulfill their dreams of becoming parents.Dreams can come true…let us help you achieve your own miracle.The OJA is a member of Sport4 Ontario and the World Council of Jiu Jitsu organizations.

The OJA has recognized the need to increase awareness of its activities and that of Sport Jiu Jitsu and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, create a more comprehensive membership package of benefits and services as well as a more effective means for communication and promotion with existing and prospective members.

The benefits of participation in Sport Jiu Jitsu or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu include fitness, health, fun, enhanced self-esteem, coordination, confidence and self-defense.

It has been defined as the “martial art of flexibility” and encourages the efficient use of leverage, balance and body movement in the performance of Jiu Jitsu techniques but also refers to flexibility in all situations.

The CJA became a “Provincial Sport Organization (PSO) in the mid 70’s and was recognized during this time by the Ministry of Culture, Tourism, & Recreation of Ontario.

In 2008, to better reflect their connection with the Ministry of Health Promotion and their responsibilities as PSO in Ontario, they underwent a name change to the “Ontario Jiu Jitsu Association” (OJA).

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