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It all sits above what was once the biggest, richest, and spookiest gold mine in Nevada. Point your camera anywhere and you’ll get a perfect shot.

Distance from Las Vegas: 270 miles; 4.15-hour drive, 45 minutes by helicopter Why it made our list: You know the deal.

So if you need a fix, stop while driving down on US 93 and play a few slot machines at the recently renovated and re-opened Hoover Dam Lodge, previously known as the Hacienda Hotel and Casino.

Distance from Las Vegas: 46 miles southeast; 50-minute drive Why it made our list: This spot is the perfect example of an Old West ghost town in Nevada, with an abandoned general store, gas pumps, and vehicles. Eldorado Canyon is known as one of the best spots you’ll find anywhere for a photography session.

But you may find it more fun to go four-wheeling or zip-lining at Bootleg Canyon and grabbing a beer at the Boulder Dam Brewing Co.

Pro tip: Boulder City is one of the few areas in the entire state where gambling is illegal.

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