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Basketball great Larry Bird retired from the Boston Celtics after a 13-year career. 8-0 Hock champs 94 Track Dave smooth cuts Earle, you know mum! The 35-year-old Bird was plagued by back problems for the last two sea- sons of his career. To Mom, Dad, Eddie, Frank, Traci, I Did It I'm Outta Here! His brilliant passing, pinpoint shooting and rebounding made him the consummate team player. To Friendships That Come And Go And To Those I'll Never Know. Garth Brooks, whose introspective songs and rousing concerts lifted coun- try music to new heights, was voted top entertainer by his peers for the second year in a row in 1992. STOUGHTON PUBLIC LIBRARY STOTONIAN 1995 Stoughton High School 232 Pearl Street Stoughton, Massachusetts 02072 Time Will Tell By Rachel Porges and Katie Pope Everything in life is defined in terms of time, and the Class of 1995 is not an exception. Everyone has a set time that they hear the alarm clock ring and the buses come at certain times each day. "office session." There's the different hours ending at specific minutes and the students look forward to hearing the bells ring. When the six representatives of the 1995 yearbook staff went to Jostens Yearbook Seminar in late June, their first task was to decide on a theme for the Stotonian that would accurately de- scribe this class. (Middle Right) Saddam Hus- sein, the new world enemy.

Then, we visited their web site we discovered in their announcement (pdf format) that10% of the participants will take gold diploma,20% will take silver diploma and 30% will receive bronze diploma They do not say ANYTHING about their review process, butsay that the paper of this lady (in psychology?? Some other students received also an email from them.

But this girl was only a graduate student in Psychology and she did not know anything about IEEE. Visit: also: claim that each paper (even the papers in Psychology) would appear in their Data Base of Electrical Engineering: IEEE Xplore It looks too bad to us, how one IEEE conference, a 10% earns gold diploma, a 20% earns silverdiploma and another 30% earns bronze diploma.

has received an email from the IEEE telling that she would receivea GOLD certificate.

r • Freshman Year (Top) As the Soviet Union collapsed, Boris N.

Where will I be when time has passed and where will you be, too? The transition to democracy was not particularly smooth and the world is still feeling repercussions from the switch of power from Mikhail Gor- bechev to President Boris Yeltsin.

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